Top 10 Best Led Monitor in India 2022 – Availabe in 21, 24, 27 Inch for PC & Graphic & Photo Editing

With the advancement of technology, the computer industry is also improving. The latest processors, solid-state devices, chipsets, and other technologies are enhancing the performance of computers and making them affordable. When it comes to computers, the monitors are an indomitable part. And you will need the best monitor for your useWith the computer technologies, the display technology is also improving, and the LCD screens are being replaced with LED screens. This is why LED monitors are becoming popular day by day. Apart from that, the LED monitors are also equipped with advanced technologies that offer high performance and enhance the user experience. However, choosing the Best LED Monitor from the market is essential to ensure ease of use and a better viewing experience. 

Best LED Monitors in India Reviewed

In the Indian market, LED monitors are available in large numbers and come with multiple designs and features. This creates a confusing situation for buyers. So, we have listed the best LED monitors in this article after detailed research. Here are the top 10 best LED monitors in India to buy. Here we have also listed some of the best IPS monitors that you can consider using for excellent color and viewing angles.      

#1 Acer 21.5 Inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor


Acer 21.5 inch LED Backlit Computer Monitor

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Acer is a popular monitor manufacturing brand in India and has a wide range of monitors for different purposes. This high-quality monitor from the Acer brand has full HD resolution to offer attractive images. The monitor has a zero-frame design that offers a near-seamless look. This enables you to see more on the screen and enjoy high-quality images on the screen. This monitor is equipped with the Acer blue light shield technology to reduce the amount of harmful blue light by adjusting the brightness level. The Acer LED monitor has a viewing angle of 178 degrees in all directions. It also comes with the flicker-less technology of the Acer to minimize the amount of flickering by stabilizing the power supply to the display. Also, this monitor has the Comfy View technology of the Acer brand to minimize light reflection and provide a comfortable viewing experience. The low dimming technology reduces the brightness level of the screen in darker areas to prevent eye fatigue. 

Furthermore, there is a 2W dual speaker system that offers powerful and impactful sound to improve your experience. The borderless design makes this LED monitor ideal for multi-panel configurations. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 4 milliseconds to suit most applications. For connectivity, this monitor comes with HDMI and VGA ports. 


  • It is tiltable from -5 degrees to 20 degrees. 
  • It comes with built-in stereo speakers. 
  • This monitor comes with the Acer comfy view technology. 
  • There is a VGA cable included with this monitor. 


  • Blur line problem on display. 

#2 Samsung 24 Inch IPS LED Monitor


msung 24 inch (60.4 cm) IPS, Bezel Less,75 Hz Flat, Flicker Free LED Monitor

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The Samsung brand is famous in the Indian market because of its wide range of quality products. The brand is one of the top monitor manufacturers and offers the best IPS monitors for different applications. This 24-inch IPS LED monitor comes with a three-sided borderless design that suits any working environment appropriately. This design also helps in configuring a multi-monitor setup for an enhanced view.  The Samsung LED monitor is equipped with a high-quality display to show realistic images. With the help of technicolor technology, this monitor offers vivid colors with maximum clarity. The IPS panel makes it possible to see the screen accurately from any angle without any color washing. It uses the AMD Radeon Free Sync technology to synchronize the graphics card refresh rate and monitor performance, and offer a smooth experience. 

It features a sleek and unique design and has a refresh rate of 75 Hz for fluid movement. It also reduces the ghosting effect while playing games, watching videos, or doing any other task. With excellent gaming power, the Samsung gaming monitor lets you enjoy true-color images and identify enemies hiding in the dark. This monitor comes with a gaming mode that enables you to see every single detail while gaming. 


  • It has wide viewing angles.
  • It has multiple connectivity ports to connect multiple devices. 
  • The 75 Hz refresh rate offers fluid movement. 
  • It has a three-sided borderless design. 


  • The picture quality is not good. 

#3 BenQ 21.5 Inch LED Backlit Monitor 

BenQ 54.6 (21.5-inch) LED Backlit Computer Monitor

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This BenQ LED monitor has a 21.5-inch screen with a frameless design for an improved visual experience. The monitor has slim bezels on three sides that offer excellent visuals. The unique thing about this monitor is that it comes with a cable management feature. With advanced eye-care technologies, this IPS monitor is ideal for use for longer durations. It features a sophisticated design to suit most applications and enhance the experience of users. The monitor features an edge-to-edge IPS panel that ideal for use in the home as well as the office. It can also offer high performance to let you play your favorite games and perform your tasks on the monitor without any distractions. It comes with two HDMI ports for excellent multimedia enjoyment. With full HD resolution, this monitor offers great quality images that improve your overall viewing experience. 

The IPS wide viewing angle technology enables users to see the screen from any angle without experiencing any distraction in color. The brightness intelligence technology optimizes the content by adjusting the brightness. This reduces the bright light on the screen and offers a perfect viewing experience. The low blue light technology and flicker-free technology eliminate eye strain and fatigue by reducing the harmful blue light and the amount of flicker, respectively. 


  • The 8-bit display offers true-color performance. 
  • It comes with IPS wide viewing angle technology. 
  • There is a unique cable management system to keep your cables arranged. 
  • It has edge-to-edge slim bezel technology.


  • The build quality needs improvement. 

#4 BenQ 27 Inch LED Backlit Monitor

BenQ 27 inch (68.6 cm) Edge to Edge Slim Bezel LED Backlit Computer Monitor

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This is another excellent LED monitor from the BenQ brand with high-performance features. This monitor has a 27-inch screen and is ideal for home as well as office usage. It comes with brightness intelligence technology to adjust the screen brightness and offer a better viewing experience. The monitor has the IPS wide viewing angle technology, which offers 178 degrees viewing angle. It comes with VGA, display, and HDMI ports for easy connectivity. There are also two built-in speakers in this monitor to offer excellent audio. The 60 Hz refresh rate and 5 milliseconds response time make this monitor ideal for most applications. Since it is equipped with flicker-free technology and low blue light technology, you can comfortably work on this monitor for longer periods. It doesn’t cause any fatigue or strain in the eyes. 

It has a sculpted base for a modern look and easy cleaning. Also, there is an invisible cable management system that keeps the wires inside the monitor stand. The monitor features a carbon fiber design and textures to prevent scratches. The picture content optimization feature helps adjust the brightness and enjoy an incredible viewing experience. It has an edge-to-edge panel with slim bezels for an elegant look and suits any workspace. 


  • It has a three-year on-site manufacturer warranty. 
  • It is equipped with eye comfort features. 
  • The IPS panel offers a wide 178 degrees viewing angle. 
  • It has a 16:9 aspect ratio. 


  • The speakers have a low volume. 

#5 LG 23.8 Inch Borderless LED Monitor 


LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor

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LG is one of the best monitor brands in the country and has a range of monitors for specific purposes. The LED monitor of the LG brand comes with a color-calibrated full HD IPS display to offer true color images. This monitor is ideal for viewing from any angle because it offers true and accurate colors, no matter from which angle you are viewing the screen. Apart from that, the monitor covers 99% of the sRGB spectrum to produce accurate and true colors for a better experience. The four-sided borderless design with slim bezels looks great and offers an impressive visual experience. So, you can enjoy your work, game, and media on this monitor without any distractions. With this stylish monitor, high-quality sound is not a dream anymore. The 5W built-in dual speaker system offers rich bass and crystal-clear sound for a better audio experience. The Dynamic Action Sync feature enhances the gaming performance of this monitor and allows you to attack your enemies faster. 

This monitor has a response time of 5ms and a refresh rate of 60 Hz that makes it ideal for hos and office usage. The AMD Radeon Free-Sync Technology eliminates broken images and offers fluid movement in high-end games. Furthermore, the monitor lets you see your enemies hiding in the dark with the help of a black stabilizer feature. It also supports wall mounting to stay safe from damages and out of children’s reach. 


  • The monitor uses advanced IPS panel technology. 
  • It offers wide viewing angles in all directions.
  • This LED monitor can be mounted on the wall. 
  • It is equipped with gaming features. 


  • Backlight bleeding issue.

#6 Lenovo 21.5 Inch Near Edgeless LED Monitor 

Lenovo 54.6 cm (21.5 inch) Near Edgeless Monitor with LED Display

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The Lenovo LED monitor comes with a full HD resolution display with 2mm thin bezels to offer a near edgeless viewing experience. The monitor is designed to provide excellent clarity, which is the dream of everybody. It uses the VA panel technology and offers 178 degrees viewing angle. The 4 milliseconds response time offers crisp and clear images and excellent visuals to make sure that you don’t miss a single detail. The monitor has TUV low blue light certification and flicker-free technology to reduce eye strain even if you use the monitor for extended periods. It is also free from distractions and offers the best quality images no matter from which angle you are viewing the display. The AMD Free Sync technology makes this monitor ready for gaming purposes by reducing frame tearing and broken images. It offers up to 75 Hz refresh rate to ensure smooth performance. 

There are HDMI, audio out, and VGA ports to offer seamless connectivity. The 21.5-inch-wide display provides a large screen for your usage. The 2mm thin black bezels on the edges offer an elegant look and suit any workspace. For enhanced visual experience, the monitor reduces distractions and maintains the image quality. The Lenovo monitor comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio for a wider viewing experience. 


  • It comes with AMD Free Sync technology.
  • The monitor has 2mm thin black bezels.
  • It is free from distractions to offer a seamless viewing experience.
  • There are multiple ports in this monitor for easy connectivity. 


  • The after-sale service is not up to the mark. 

#7 Acer 23.8 Inch IPS LED Monitor 


Acer 23.8-inch IPS Full HD Ultra Slim LED Monitor

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This 23.8-inch Acer monitor features an elegant and compact design to suit any workspace and offer more desk space. The LED monitor comes with IPS technology to offer true and accurate colors from any angle. This is the best IPS monitor to buy because it reduces distractions and maintains the image quality to improve your viewing experience. With this LED monitor, you can enjoy clear and sharp images in full HD resolution. The best part of this Acer LED monitor is that it comes with a zero-frame design to offer maximum visibility. This also doubles your enjoyment when using this monitor. With two 2 watts of stereo speakers, this IPS LED monitor offers incredible sound quality to enhance your gaming and video experience. This Acer monitor features a circular and stylish stand that offers excellent views wherever it is placed. 

With the Acer vision care technology, the monitor prevents eye strain and provides a comfortable viewing experience. It has wide viewing angles and -5 degrees to 15 degrees tiltable angles for stunning visuals from any angle. The screen flickering of this monitor is reduced by the Acer flicker less technology. This provides a stable power supply to the display to eliminate screen flickering. 


  • It has HDMI & VGA ports and cables. 
  • The LED monitor contains two stereo speakers.
  • It has an ultra-thin design for a fashionable appearance. 
  • The Acer vision care technology eliminates eye strain. 


  • Blueline problem on display. 

#8 Zebster 19 Inch LED Monitor 

ZEBSTER 19" LED Monitor with HDMI

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If you are looking for a slim and attractive monitor at an affordable price, then the Zebster LED monitor is an ideal choice for you. This monitor comes with a 19-inch display to offer an improved viewing experience. The monitor has a wall-mountable design that enables you to hang it on the wall and enjoy an excellent viewing experience. It has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels which makes it ideal for any application. For normal usage in homes or offices, this monitor is a great choice. The Zebster LED monitor comes with a VGA port and an HDMI port for excellent connectivity. This monitor has a response time of 8ms that makes it ideal for normal usage. This LED monitor has a slim and compact design to let you use it in any place with ease. It comes with a one-year warranty to allow you to rest assured and use the monitor for different purposes. For a comfortable viewing experience, the LED monitor offers a wide viewing angle.   

This monitor has a circular base which is durable and offers excellent stability. The base offers an elegant look in any workspace and lets you work without any hassle. It also includes the connectivity cables to allow you to connect different mobile devices to the monitor with ease. Buyers who are looking to buy a normal LED monitor with excellent features can consider using this monitor. 


  • It has VGA and HDMI ports for easy connectivity. 
  • It comes with HD resolution. 
  • This LED monitor supports wall mounting.
  • It features a slim and elegant design. 


  • It has performance issues. 

#9 Zebronics 24 Inch Full HD LED Monitor 

Zebronics 24 inch LED Monitor

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The Zebronics brand is popular in the Indian market for its affordable products. This ultra-slim 24-inch LED monitor comes with an attractive design to enhance the experience of any user. The best thing about this LED monitor is that it has ultra-slim bezels on three sides to offer a wider screen. Also, it offers an enhanced viewing experience with its high-quality panel. To offer stunning picture quality, the monitor comes with full HD resolution. Whether you use it for gaming or for watching movies, this monitor is going to enhance your experience. Moreover, the 178 degrees viewing angle offers stunning visuals no matter from which angle you see the screen. The Zebronics LED monitor comes with an HDMI port, a VGA port, and an audio out port for efficient connectivity. The higher contrast ratio offers rich colors by balancing the black and bright whites. 

The full HD resolution allows you to enjoy high-quality images and videos. Further, it reduces the distraction to provide a better experience. This full HD monitor comes with an ergonomic stand to provide a unique look. For a fluid movement experience, the monitor comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 5ms. Also, the display of this monitor has an anti-glare feature. 


  • The monitor has a warranty for three years. 
  • It offers 178 degrees viewing angle in all directions. 
  • The full HD screen offers accurate and true color images. 
  • The monitor has built-in speakers to enhance your audio experience.  


  • The buttons are not responsive. 

Buying Guide to Choose Best Led Monitor in India

The popularity of LED monitors in India is increasing day by day because they offer an improved viewing experience compared to other monitors. They also come with quality displays and excellent features. But buying the right LED monitor from the market may not come easy. In this buying guide, we have listed some crucial points that you need to look for when choosing a LED monitor for your use. 

Purpose of Buying the Monitor 

The first thing that you need to look for when selecting an LED monitor is your purpose in buying a new monitor. Usually, LED monitors are used for various purposes like gaming, watching videos, office work, content creation, editing work, and many others. Some monitors are designed for specific purposes, while some others can handle multiple tasks. So, if you figure out for what purpose you need the monitor, then you can decide on a budget and select the right LED monitor for your use.  

Panel Type 

The next important thing that one needs to consider is the panel type of the LED monitor. Many people think that the expensive panels are generally good to use, but that’s not true always. Instead, you should check the features, color reproduction ability, and other specifications of the panel to find out which is best suited for your task. Usually, there are three types of panels used in monitors, and those are IPS, VA, and TN. 

IPS Panel 

In-plane switching or IPS panel is great for enjoying stunning viewing angles and accurate color images. The best IPS monitors are ideal for graphic designers because they show realistic and accurate color images from any angle. But the down part of the IPS monitors is that they have lower refresh rates and response times compared to TN panels. However, by using adaptive syncing technology, IPS monitors can also be used for high-end gaming applications. 

VA Panel 

VA or vertical alignment panels have the liquid crystal cells in the vertical position when the display is idle. But when power is applied to it, the cells shift to the horizontal position to display the pictures. The VA monitors have adequate refresh rates and color contrasts. Because of slow response times, the VA monitors are ideal for general purpose usage in homes as well as offices. 

TN Panel 

Unlike IPS and VA panels, the TN panels have higher refresh rates and faster response times. This makes the TN panels ideal for heavy-duty gaming applications. These panels use translucent nematic liquid crystal cells in glass plates. They have a polarizing effect which decreases their color performance. This is one of the oldest display technologies and the most affordable monitors on the market. Those who are looking for a monitor for hardcore gaming applications should opt for the TN monitors. 

Screen Size and Aspect Ratio     

When selecting a new LED monitor, the screen size of the monitor is an important factor to consider. Usually, the screen size of monitors is measured diagonally from the top corner to the opposite bottom corner or vice versa. Like other features, the screen size of the monitor also impacts the price of the monitor. So undoubtedly, the bigger the monitor size, the more the price will be. Generally, monitors with a screen size of 19 inches to 43 inches are a good choice for most applications. 

The aspect ratio is nothing but the relation between the screen’s width and height. The aspect ratio of the monitor also has a relation with the screen resolution. With one aspect ratio, more than one resolution can be achieved. For example, a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor supports 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k, 5k, and 8k resolutions. 

  • Screen Resolution 

The screen resolution of a monitor is the number of pixels used to form an image on the screen. The resolution of a monitor is provided as per the aspect ratio of the monitor in pixels. This is why high-resolution monitors can display realistic and smooth images. Usually, full HD or 1080p resolution is popularly used because it is affordable and offers good quality images. 

  • Refresh Rate and Response Time

The LED monitors that have a higher refresh rate are an excellent choice to use. The refresh rate of the monitor says how many times the monitor updates the information on the screen every second. The unit for measuring the refresh rate is hertz Hz. For gaming purposes, you will need a monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz or more. But for general use in the home or the office, a monitor with a refresh rate from 60 Hz to 75 Hz is a good choice. 

If the response time of the monitor is short, then it will perform smoothly. It is basically the time required for the monitor to change the state of a pixel and is measured in milliseconds. A shorter response time makes the high-end games and video playback faster and smoother. In most cases, a response time between 0.5ms and 5ms is a better option to choose.  

  • Wall Mount Option: 

Many LED monitors come with wall mount options to let you hang the monitor on the wall and enjoy a seamless viewing experience. By mounting the monitor on the wall, you can experience better visibility with accurate viewing angles. Also, it keeps the monitor safe from damages.  


Instead of buying a monitor that uses older display technologies and has a low resolution, it is better to buy LED monitors that come with advanced technologies. These monitors are handy and offer higher screen resolutions for an enhanced viewing experience. So, it is a better option to purchase a LED monitor if you are looking to buy a new monitor. 

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