Comparison Between TV vs Monitor – Which one is Best for PC or Gaming

Have you recently bought a new gaming console to quench your thirst for high-quality gaming and an enhanced movie-watching experience? If yes, then we can guess the question you have right now in your mind. IT would be none other than about choosing the right screen for the gaming console. There has been an endless debate about whether you should go with a gaming monitor or go with a TV set. If you are also juggling between these two, let us clear your doubts about this.

In the article, we will be comparing the TV and monitors on different aspects. And this is surely going to help you decide which one of them is a better choice for you to go with. SO, stay with us until the end of the article and at the end, you will be able to choose a better one out of the TV and a monitor. 

Comparison Between a TV and Monitor

Comparison Between a TV and Monitor


Resolution plays an important role in gaming and movie watching, and if you are looking for unmatched performance, the monitors won’t be comparable to the high-end TVs. You can easily find TVs with full HD, and even Quad-HD displays, however, finding higher resolution on monitors is both rare and expensive. Additionally, advanced technologies like HDR display, Slim panel, high contrast ratio TVs are much more reliable performers. The gaming monitors are not as close to the TV in terms of performance. You may find a better gaming monitor with a higher resolution, but when it comes to the value for money, the TVs are a better choice to go with.


If you are a hardcore gamer or love watching movies, then you will agree that the bigger screen size is always better. However, with the monitors, the screen size becomes somehow limited. However, if you are considering a TV for a gaming console, you can stretch the size according to your budget, you can easily go with a 108cm TV or more depending on the available space and your budget. This not only enhances the overall gaming/viewing experience but also provides better detailing that won’t be possible if you are going with the monitors.

In all, if you are looking for an unmatched gaming experience and are after an option with a better range, the TV would be the better buy for you. You can easily find a high-end TV with great resolution and a great size to get the best value for money and get the best gaming experience that can’t be matched up by the monitors.

So, if you are looking for a better viewing experience without compromising with the size, we will suggest you to go with the TV instead of the monitors.


Price is considered as the most important thing while purchasing a new TV or monitor. Depending on the budget you have, monitors are more eligible for affordable viewing. However, if you are looking for more features and power-packed performance, the TV would be a better-valued choice to make. So, if you are looking for a better viewing experience and value, you should go with a TV, or if you are after the budget and are looking for a decent viewing experience, monitors would be a better option to go with.

This completely depends on your need and the budget you have. Make sure that the display you are planning to purchase provides better value and has decent performance for the price.


Availability is another thing that you should consider while searching for the perfect display for your home entertainment system or gaming console. And this is where the monitors and TVs are almost identical. Depending on the budget of the buyers, both TVs and monitors are available in a wide range and regardless of the budget you have, you can find better and renowned brands with numerous models.

So, depending on your needs and budget, you should choose a better model that fits your budget and offer decent performance for the price range. Also, it is important to look for the features the display is providing. BY keeping these points in mind, you can find a better product for you with better value for money.

Overall performance

Another important thing that you should overlook while purchasing a new display for your home is the overall performance. Make sure that the display you prefer for yourself provides a better list of features along with better usability. And as per this factor, the TV offers better performance than monitors. With better resolution, color reproduction, and value, the TVs are much more valuable buy for the users. Regardless of your budget and needs, TVs offer a better list of features and value. So, going with a TV instead of monitors (that can be an expensive choice to make) will be a better option to choose.

Value for money

Value for money is one of the most important things to consider while purchasing anew peripheral for a home. And by looking at the available models, features, and other things, we can clearly state that choosing a TV as the display is a far more valued decision than going with a monitor. So, if you are after value for money product and get a better list of features according to the price, a TV display would be a better choice to make.

Final thought: Which one should you go for

So, this was a brief comparison of TV and a monitor. And which one should you go with? Let us figure it out. The most important thing that you should keep in mind while choosing between a TV and a monitor is your budget. The high-end monitors offer great experience, but they come at a steep price. On the other hand, the monitors are not as feature-rich as the TVs. AND though the monitors have higher refresh rates, you won’t need it until you are playing high end games. The TV’s refresh rates and outstanding display quality compensate the refresh rate and you aren’t going to complain about this in normal gaming or movie watching purposes. 

In all, we will suggest you to go with the TV instead of the monitors as they provide better value for money and will be a worthy addition to your gaming console.

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