Top 6 Best Monitor with Webcam for Zoom Meeting, Skype or Video Call

Although the market is filled with advanced laptops and their accessories, the popularity of desktop computers is not decreasing. The fact is that people are showing interest in desktop monitors and setting up their own desktops at their homes or offices. While assembling a desktop computer, considering the monitor is an important factor. Since you are going to spend a lot of time in front of the monitor, it should be of good quality and provide an impressive experience for you. Like other parts of your desktop computer, the monitor of your computer also offers various benefits. Some monitors also come with superior quality webcams to let you make HD video calls while Zoom Meeting, or Over Skype call you are meeting people with no hassle.

Best Monitor With Webcam Reviews

Also, some PC monitors come with ergonomic designs to let you enjoy excellent quality images on the screen. By combining a range of features, computer monitors allow you to enjoy an enhanced viewing experience without any difficulties. In most cases, monitors with webcams are a choice of many people in India because they are ideal for most applications.  However, it is not that easy to buy a computer monitor for your use. The following are the top 6 best monitors with a webcam in India that you can consider buying. 

#1. Acer 21.5 Inch IPS LED HD Webcam Monitor


Acer B227Q 21.5 Inch IPS LED Full HD Monitor with Webcam


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Acer is one of the popular brands in India for its wide variety of monitors and other products. This high-quality monitor from the Acer brand comes with a built-in HD webcam on the top with a privacy feature. The monitor also has a microphone for better usability. So, you can use this monitor for making video calls, attending online meetings & online classes, etc., without any hassle. With a full HD LCD screen, this monitor looks stylish and modern. The Acer monitor comes with a display port, an HDMI port, and a VGA port to let you connect multiple devices to it. It displays HD images to double your entertainment and let you enjoy every detail on the screen efficiently. With an ergonomic stand, the monitor allows you to adjust its height, tilt, and pivot depending on your needs. This way, the monitor lets you achieve a comfortable viewing angle while watching content on the screen. 

To protect your eyes, it is equipped with the flicker-less, comfy view, low dimming, and blue light shield technologies of the Acer brand. All these advanced technologies take care of your eyes and help reduce eye strain and fatigue. These technologies let you enjoy stunning images from any angle without any flickering and protect your eyes from harmful blue light that comes out of your monitor screen. Apart from that, it has a refresh rate of 75 Hz and a response time of 4ms to enhance the monitor’s performance and offer a smooth and seamless performance. There are two two-watt stereo speakers on the bottom of the monitor to offer incredible sound quality to let you enjoy your gaming and video sessions. With the zero-frame design, the Acer monitor lets you view the screen from edge to edge and enjoy the content. This also offers an enhanced look and suits any workspace. With the help of the Acer display widget utility software, you can customize the settings of your monitor and enjoy your content with ease. It has advanced IPS technology that offers accurate color performance. 


  • This Acer monitor offers 178 degrees viewing angle. 
  • It has full HD resolution and zero frame design. 
  • There are multiple ports in this monitor for seamless connectivity. 
  • It has two 2W stereo speakers for pleasurable audio performance. 


  • Screen leaking issue.

#2. Lenovo Think Vision LED Monitor With Webcam

Lenovo Think Vision T22V-10 21.5 Inch LED Monitor with Webcam

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The Lenovo Think Vision LED monitor is a great choice to experience high-quality design, features, and stunning views. The monitor comes with a full HD Near Edgeless screen to show high-quality images and enhance your visual experience. It also comes with the IPS panel technology to optimize the color performance of your monitor and let you enjoy high-quality images from any angle without any distraction in color. The bright display shows true and accurate color images to let you enjoy your gaming and video on this monitor excellently. Apart from that, the monitor is equipped with a full HD webcam with a microphone to let you enjoy HD video calls with your friends or family using this monitor. It has built-in speakers with excellent audio quality to enable you to enjoy your content on the screen with improved sound quality. Another unique thing about this LED monitor is that it supports USB HUB so that you can connect more devices to it. The Lenovo 21.5-inch monitor comes with AMD Radeon Free Sync technology to ensure smooth performance by reducing motion blur. 

It has an adjustable stand to let you achieve your comfortable viewing angle by adjusting the height, tilt, and pivot of the monitor as per your needs. It is also compatible with the VESA wall mounting to let you hand the monitor on the wall and enjoy an excellent viewing experience from any angle. This also helps to keep your monitor safe from damages and frees up your desk space. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920 x 1080 resolution for brilliant quality images. The unique thing about this LED monitor is that it consumes very low energy and comes with a 7-star rating. It will provide energy-efficient performance and help you reduce your electricity bill even after extended periods of use. The full HD webcam comes with a privacy lock for better usability. It comes with an HDMI port, a VGA port, and a display port for seamless connectivity. The Lenovo Think Vision monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. It is equipped with anti-glare technology to enhance your viewing experience.


  • It offers 178 degrees viewing angle with the Full HD IPS panel. 
  • The monitor comes with a durable and adjustable stand. 
  • It offers energy-efficient performance with 7-star energy ratings. 
  • It comes with TUV low blue light certification. 


  • No cons so far.

#3. Lenovo Think Vision Webcam LED MonitorLenovo Think Vision T22V 21.5 Inch LED Monitor with Webcam

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The Lenovo Think Vision T22V LED monitor is an ideal choice for enjoying HD video calls, attending online classes, participating in online meetings, etc. The monitor comes with a full HD webcam with IR for improved performance. It also comes with a dual array microphone and built-in speakers for a better and improved experience. The monitor has a near edgeless screen to offer stunning visuals and wider images. This monitor is equipped with IPS panel technology to offer brilliant color images and enhance your viewing experience. The Lenovo T22V LED monitor comes with 1920 x 1080 resolution that provides high-quality images and allows you to enjoy the content on the screen. This monitor also supports USB hub 3.0 to allow you to connect multiple devices comfortably. The Lenovo think vision full HD monitor has a 7-star energy rating and offers energy-efficient performance. This way, it helps you to reduce your electricity bill and use the monitor for extended hours with no hassle. 

The stereo speakers of this monitor provide high-quality sound to let you enjoy your content on the screen efficiently. It also supports Windows Hello with an IR function that offers unmatched security. The monitor comes with an ergonomic stand with adjustable features to let you customize the angle of the monitor as per your needs. So, you can adjust the height, tilt, and pivot of the monitor as per your comfort. This enables you to use the monitor for longer durations with no hassle. The Lenovo monitor is eye protection certified and takes care of your eyes. So, you will not experience any strain or fatigue in your eyes even after using the monitor for longer durations. The 4ms response time improves the performance of the monitor by reducing double imaging and ghosting issues. It comes with HDMI, VGA, Display, and audio in/out ports for superior connectivity options. It also supports the VESA wall mount to allow you to hang the monitor on the wall and enjoy an excellent viewing experience. 


  • The monitor comes with a full HD webcam with a microphone.
  • It supports Windows Hello to offer maximum security. 
  • This monitor comes with multiple ports. 
  • It has a nearly edgeless display and an ergonomic stand. 


  • The speakers of this monitor are not up to the mark. 

#4. Philips IPS LED Monitor With Built-In Webcam

Philips 241B7QPJKEB/94 23.8 Inch Ips LED Monitor with Webcam

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The Philips brand is well known in the Indian market because of its superior quality products. This Philips monitor comes with a 23.8-inch IPS display to let you enjoy superior quality images while working on it. The best thing about this monitor is that it has an ergonomic stand to let you adjust its height and tilt angle as per your needs. It comes with a unique design base that looks attractive and offers a modern look in any location. Moreover, the monitor has a stylish and superior design that can complement your workspace. It comes with a VGA port and an HDMI port to let you connect multiple devices to the monitor seamlessly. The IPS display offers stunning visuals without any color fade so that you can view the original images from any angle. With a response time of 5ms, the monitor is free from ghosting effects and double imaging. This ensures that you enjoy true and accurate color images on this monitor no matter what you are doing. The monitor is made of high-quality PVC material that is durable and lasts for a long time. This is free from BFR is an eco-friendly option to use.   

The Philips monitor comes with built-in speakers that offer superior sound and bass to enhance your audio experience. So, you can enjoy an enhanced audio & video experience on this IPS LED monitor. It also comes with a full HD webcam on the top with a microphone to let you make video calls efficiently. This allows you to attend online meetings, online classes, talk with your friends & family on video calls and do many other tasks without any hassle. If you are looking for a superior quality monitor with a webcam for your use, then you can consider buying this Philips monitor. The Philips monitor comes with flicker-free technology to reduce screen flickering and let you enjoy high-quality images. This also ensures that your eyes are safe even after a longer period of usage. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that provides true color images. Whether you use this monitor for gaming, watching movies, or any other tasks, you can enjoy a seamless experience. Since it is compatible with the VESA wall mount, you can hang the monitor on the wall and enjoy a wider viewing experience. 


  • This monitor comes with a three year. 
  • It comes with built-in stereo speakers for an excellent audio experience. 
  • The monitor comes with flicker-free technology. 
  • The webcam has a pop-up feature for ease of use. 


  • None so far.

#5. Acer Full HD LED Monitor with Webcam

Acer B277D 27 Inch Full HD LED Monitor with Webcam

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The Acer LED monitor is ideal for offering outstanding performance with its superior features. The monitor comes with a near bezel-less display that allows you to see what matters the most. It is an ideal choice for any professional task because of its robust stand and stunning images. The monitor comes with a wide range of color enhancing technologies to view true and accurate color images. The Acer monitor is compatible with the Acer display widget utility software to let you customize the monitor settings as per your needs. With an adjustable full HD webcam, the monitor can be used for various applications with ease. You can use this monitor for making HD video calls and performing many other tasks with ease. Because of its superior performance and unique design, it is the best option for any application. Whether you use it for watching videos, editing images, playing games, or for any other entertainment activity, thi monitor will let you enjoy the best performance. 

By using this monitor, you can make conference calls, attend online training classes & daily meetings, attend education videos, etc., with ease. The monitor enables you to enjoy distance learning and real-time learning sessions efficiently. The monitor has a versatile design which makes it ideal for many applications. No matter for what purpose you are buying this monitor, you will appreciate the outstanding performance of this monitor. The blue light shield and vision care technologies make this monitor ideal for using longer durations without experiencing any strain or fatigue in your eyes. The Acer vision care system comes with multiple technologies to reduce eye strain and provide an enhanced and comfortable viewing experience. For excellent connectivity, the monitor comes with a VGA port, a display port, a USB 3.0 hub, and an HDMI port. It also comes with adaptive sync technology to make this monitor ideal for gaming applications. There are two two-watt stereo speakers to offer excellent quality sound and bass. The adjustable stand allows you to adjust the monitor screen according to your comfort. This monitor also has an option for wall mounting. 


  • It comes with vision care technologies to keep your eyes safe. 
  • It has a robust stand to last for a long time. 
  • The monitor has a shorter response time to prevent the ghosting issue. 
  • The adjustable webcam is ideal for many applications. 


  • The camera is not up to mark.

#6. HP Elite LED IPS Monitor with Webcam

HP Elite Display E243M LED IPS Monitor with Webcam

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With a superior design and high-performance features, the HP E243 IPS monitor is a great option for any person. This monitor has a height-adjustable feature for height, tilt, and swivel adjustment for a comfortable viewing experience. The pivot rotation feature lets you adjust the portrait and landscape views in case of multiple displays. For expanded and uninterrupted views, the monitor screen has three-sided micro-edge bezels. The full HD resolution LED IPS screen provides superior quality images from any angle without any color distraction. The HD webcam and microphone allow you to control your calls efficiently without any hassle. You can use this monitor for business purposes as well as educational purposes effectively. The webcam allows you to make skype calls, attend online meetings, and perform many other activities with ease. The IPS panel technology offers true and accurate color images from any angle. It has 178 degrees viewing angle in both directions to let you view high-quality images on the screen from any angle. 

This monitor consumes low energy compared to normal monitors to help reduce your electricity bill. It also has better brightness and contrast for an enhanced viewing experience. With the pivot adjustment feature, the HP monitor allows you to change the aspect ratio from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. It has a high-quality microphone and collaboration keys to allow you to manage your calls without the help of the on-screen menu. The monitor has a 5ms response time and a 60 Hz refresh rate to reduce ghosting and blurring issues and offer a smooth performance. The ergonomic stand supports adjustable tilt, height, and swivel to let you achieve the most comfortable viewing angle with this monitor. This lets you sit in front of this monitor for hours without any pain or strain on your body. The HP full HD LED monitor comes with built-in stereo speakers to offer a seamless audio experience. So, by using this LED monitor, you can enjoy your gaming, video, and other activities effectively. 


  • There is a three-year warranty on this IPS LED monitor.
  • It has three-sided micro-edge bezels for extended visibility. 
  • There is a pop-up webcam to suit most applications. 
  • The IPS display offers true and accurate color images for a seamless viewing experience. 


  • Some people have received a defective monitor.

How To Choose The Best Monitor with Webcam

Buying a good monitor for your work is essential because it will let you get the best out of your computer. Usually, we spend in front of our monitors a lot of time for our work or entertainment. This is why one should consider the important points carefully before buying a monitor. You can consider the following factors to pick a good quality monitor with a webcam from the market. 

Webcam Quality

The monitor that you are going to buy should have a good quality webcam so that you can enjoy HD quality video calls on it. If the webcam quality is low, then the images will be of low quality. This will ruin your video calling experience. Also, high-quality webcams allow you to attend online classes and online meetings with colleagues. It makes the videos clearer and offers a better experience. 

Microphone and Speakers

For making video calls, a microphone and speakers are also important. The monitor that you are going to buy for your use should have a good quality microphone and speaker. This will let you talk with your friends and family efficiently on video calls and listen to their voices with ease. With good quality speakers, you can enjoy high-quality sound while making video calls, playing games, or watching videos. 

Screen Size

The screen size of a monitor is measured diagonally from corner to corner. Generally, you can find monitors with a screen size from 15 inches to 34 inches in the market. So, you should buy a monitor with the right screen size for your use. Undoubtedly, the larger the screen size, the more the price of the monitor will be. But for a better experience, you should consider buying a larger monitor. 

In general, monitors with a screen size from 22 inches to 27 inches are an excellent choice to use. If you have a fixed budget, then this type of monitor will be the best choice for you. These monitors are also affordable and don’t need more space for storing. However, it depends on your requirements. So, you should consider your requirements and then select a monitor with the right screen size.  

Type of Panel

The type of the panel of the monitor determines how the monitor will perform. Usually, there are three different types of panel technologies used in computer monitors, and those are TN panels, VA panels, and IPS panels. 

TN (Twisted Nematic) Panels

Twisted nematic or TN panels are popular for their shorter response times and higher refresh rates. These panels are also less expensive compared to other panel types. This is why TN panel monitors are an excellent choice for gaming applications. However, these panels are not efficient for color reproduction and viewing angles. 

VA (Vertical Alignment) Panels

VA or vertical alignment panels have better viewing angles and color reproduction ability compared to TN panels. But their color reproduction and viewing angles are not as good as IPS panels. These panels also come with a better contrast ratio and depth to offer a 3D look. However, VA panels can also have color-shifting issues. 

IPS (In-Plane Switching) Panels

IPS or in-plane switching panels are all-rounders because they can offer excellent color quality and wider viewing angles. But IPS panels are expensive compared to other panel types. The only disadvantage of IPS panels is that they have poor refresh rates and response times. So, they are not suitable for gaming applications. By using adaptive sync technologies, IPS panels can be used for gaming applications. 

Refresh Rate

The number of times the monitor refreshes an image per second is the refresh rate of the monitor. Hartz or Hz is the unit for measuring the refresh rate of a monitor. The higher the number, the more responsive the monitor will be. The monitors that have a higher refresh rate will produce sharper images without any blur. 

A refresh rate of 60 Hz is a good option for many applications. If you need a monitor for general usage, then you should consider using a monitor with a 60 Hz refresh rate. But if you need a monitor for gaming, high-quality video streaming, or any other high-end application, then you should look for a monitor with higher refresh rates. 

Monitor Resolution

The number of pixels that can be displayed in the horizontal and vertical direction of a monitor is the resolution of the monitor. If the resolution of the monitor is higher, then it can display clearer and sharper images to enhance your viewing experience. In most cases, full HD or 1920 x 1080 pixels monitors are used because they are affordable and can display better quality images. However, there are high-resolution monitors as well, and you can choose them if you have a higher budget.


No matter whether you are a student or a working professional, monitor webcams are an ideal thing to have. They let you perform many tasks without any issues and get the best results. But monitor with webcams is available in multiple options, which can be confusing for many people. So, we have reviewed the best monitor with a webcam in India in this article and included a comprehensive buying guide. 

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