Buying External Monitor for Laptop or Desktop? Check out Basic Requirements

Generally, an external monitor is used for multi-purpose as it helps in running multiple applications.  As it has multi-use, it helps in data sharing, you can copy content on one screen and paste it on another. It increases efficiency and productivity in work. 

Using an external monitor helps in reducing the stress of work as displays content on one screen and write matter on another. For example- if you are a content writer, it’s your work to write an article on different topics on daily basis. Before you write, you also have some knowledge regarding that topic. 

So, it is very helpful for you if you write matter on one screen and on an external monitor you can open different links of that topic. It helps you to compare, gain more ideas, increase speed, and also reduce the stress of closing and opening of application on one screen. An external monitor is easy to set up and easy to use. 

7 Thing to Check While Buying External Monitor for Laptop or Desktop

But before buying an external monitor, there are many things which must be considered. Here, we are talking about the key aspects that you must take into consideration before getting started. 

External Monitor

#1 Size

The size of the monitor matters a lot because there are many options available in the market regarding the size of the monitor like 15-inch, 17-inch, 21-inch, etc. It confuses the buyer, what type of monitor size they need. So before buying a monitor, if a buyer is confused regarding which size of monitor they should purchase, the following things must be taken into consideration like the type of their work, their budget, space, etc. 

Experts advise when you buy an external monitor, it should be similar in height or middle size screen. As you work on two different screens at the same time if the screen of the external monitor is too big, it generates pain in your neck. Or if the screen is too small, it makes you feel uncomfortable.  Most people go for the middle-range monitor because it does not take up much space and also reasonable in price.

#2 Budget

The prices of the monitor vary according to the features. You have to decide how much money you want to spend on it according to your requirement. There are different types of features available in the market like curved displays, touchscreen interface, adjustable height, USB hub build-in, SD card slot, etc. More the features present in a monitor equal to higher the price.

Sticking to the budget would be an excellent choice for a flawless experience. If you want to get an external monitor for 10000 to 20000 then try to find the option between $250 to $299. Having the extra flexibility allows you to grab the best choice and figure out some of the reliable options. An external monitor comes with a range of benefits when you go with a slightly extra price. 

#3 Resolution

Along with the size and budget, you should consider the resolution before buying a monitor. Resolution is the number of pixels displayed on a monitor screen. More pixels mean more information is visible. If a screen has pixels such as 1920×1080, it represents 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 vertically. A computer monitors with 4k resolution known as ultra-high definition and is the best one to take into consideration. 

You can consider buying an HD monitor for extra stuff and if you are buying a monitor for professional use then you should consider the need. For a video editor, looking at the resolution, refresh rate, and dpi is necessary to make the right purchase. Higher resolution means the best quality, but you should know that if the screen size is large then you need way more resolution to work. A 32-inches monitor with HD resolution is acceptable, but it isn’t an excellent choice. 

#4 Ports

 Must be considered before buying a monitor.  The main function of the port is to act as a point of attachment which is required to connect a cable between the laptop and monitor. There are different types of ports available in the market like DP, HDMI, VGA, DVI, etc. Based on what device you are connecting to the external display, you should consider the port. 

In today’s world, USB type-C is higher in demand. There are two reasons, USB type C is multi-functional, and secondly, it provides better data transfer speed. When you want to play 4K video at 60 FPS or higher, USB Type-C will be an excellent choice. For old pc, VGA and HDMI ports are adequate for sure. 

#5 Refresh rates

Refresh rates mean the number of times a computer monitor updates with images. This is measured in HZ. For example, if your monitor display refresh rate is 120 HZ, it refreshes the image 120 times per second, or if it is 60 HZ, it refreshes the image 60 times per second. A higher the number of refresh rate means you get more pictures per second. This is also the most important thing to keep in mind before purchasing a monitor. 

Gamers willing to use a second monitor can benefit from a higher refresh rate. Usually, games and video editor consider choosing between 120hz and 144hz. Both are an excellent option, but it also depends upon what display panel you are choosing for the work. If you are working in a room with extra lights like an office, then you also need higher brightness. If the brightness isn’t adequate as mentioned, it will be a bad choice. 

#6 Monitor Arms and Stand

A monitor arm help in keeping the monitor at an optimal viewing angle and making the adjustment. For a developer, using two monitors is the play of trying different stuff. Usually, developers prefer one horizontal monitor and an external monitor at a vertical position. The benefit of having a monitor arm will be visible here. 

Buying a monitor with a pivot stand will make your adjustment. An external display is usually connected with a laptop for several purposes and you can choose the additional accessories based on what you are looking for. Make sure to spend extra bucks to get high-quality, sturdy, and sliding stands so that you can make adjustments as per the need. 

#7 Reputed Brands

Always consider going with top brands to have the best experience. Why? Top brands are known for their fancy but reliable features that are going to come in handy. The build quality is top-notch and you are also getting a long term warranty. If you check reviews from external monitors from top brands, you will learn that most reviews are positive about it. 

Even, the after-sale services factor is also in the favour of a brand. Choosing the wrong brand can harm your eyes as the display panel is of poor quality. Among all these reasons, we think that top brands are highly reliable for their services and they will always come up with the best quality product to provide you with the value of what you spent. 

Bottom Line

Considering the top 7 essential factors and going with a popular monitor based on your need will get you the right display. Make sure that you check your need before getting started. It will make you avoid buying the wrong product.

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