Monitor for Online Classes or Virtual Meeting – A Layman’s Buying Guide

The ever-expanding technology pushed things to a far limit and produced several advantages. A virtual meeting is a new thing widely common throughout the world after the current covid-19 pandemic. Most people working from home using their computers, students are learning online, and families/friends are communicating overseas using video conferences with the new technology. 

A video call is between two people and doesn’t cause many issues while talking to anyone. But, if you consider the same for a group video call, the same 6-inches smartphone screen doesn’t seem suitable. So, most people use a laptop or large monitors for virtual meetings. You can find that there are several brands offering monitors for online classes and choosing them can enhance the overall advantages. 

Monitor for Online Classes

Among the wide range of options, choosing a quality monitor will be the optimal choice. Looking at the essential parameter during the selected time will be an adequate choice. However, the question still arrive is, how to choose the best one. Well, we are here with crucial tips to help you figure out the adequate choice without making many compromises for sure. 

Instead of wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive into the seven crucial factors you must be looking after – 

#1 Screen Size

The primary factor everyone should be looking at during the selection of a VM monitor is screen size. There are several options available from 22″ to 85″ and beyond. The higher the screen size, the better the video conferencing is. If there are more than ten people in the room, then a small display and the distance from the screen can make a big impact on your viewing. If you are looking at charts, stats, or data from video conferencing, then small displays don’t fit effectively. 

Mostly the tools like Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and Excel are displayed on the virtual monitor screen. Even if you are using a monitor for online classes, choosing an adequate size will fulfill your need. The minimum size recommended is 55″ for video conferencing and it is adequate for five to six people meeting. If there are a higher number of people and the meeting room is large, you can go with larger sizes based on the specific needs. 

#2 Built-In Camera 

To have ease while video conferencing, having a built-in camera on the screen will be a perfect choice. Most manufacturers of online classes monitor put cameras above the screen so when you are looking at the display, your eyes don’t look in the downward direction. People sitting on the other side will be able to have a great experience while video-conferencing.  

Looking at the quality of the camera is also necessary. Built-in cameras with monitors have a capturing quality of HD or full HD. If you want to have a better experience, you can use an external camera with higher quality like 4K. No doubt that most people don’t use the full capacity of such a camera during video call but, you can expect a better quality out of the external unit you are using. 

#3 Resolution

Have you ever heard about the dpi factor in a display or LED? Well, dpi stands for dots per inches. Here, dots represent pixels and the higher the pixel count in an inch means better the quality. You can find that there are 32 inches monitor with HD and Full HD quality options. The Full HD display will have a higher pixel count and it will produce a clear image with better accuracy. 

So, you should always look for resolution and dpi. If the display is too large and it is only full HD, then you might lack the quality of the image. In such cases, you need a slightly better option. Usually, the meeting room in a game, app or software design company requires such a high-quality monitor. For video conferencing purpose, going with the optimal quality is acceptable and it won’t harm your budget also. 

#4 Audio output 

Usually, most companies go with external output solution like a small and portable speaker. Mounting the speaker in the middle of the table will provide sound in all direction and it will be easy to use. When you are talking to each other, these speakers are also capturing your sound. But, if you want to use the monitor for online classes, you won’t be having such additional functionality. 

You can consider two factors here, whether the monitor has a Bluetooth connectivity option for wireless earphone or not. If not, then you can use the built-in speakers to attend online classes and meetings. There is no need of getting the highest quality speakers but having an optimal speaker with excellent audio quality and better lower frequency will give you a quality experience. 

#5 Microphone 

Video conferencing is incomplete without all the member’s opinion. If you want to be present at a video conference and play an important role by guiding about new strategies, a need a good microphone to deliver the message right. You can choose an external microphone or consider using a video conferencing microphone array. 

These are small devices with built-in speakers and 2-6 microphone (based on the model). Each microphone is a dynamic microphone and it is capturing voices from a specific direction. With the use of AI and active noise cancellation, noisy sounds are removed from the voices. The other person can hear with ease and get a clear voice. So, consideration of a built-in microphone is necessary if you don’t want to use external options. 

#6 Budget

Needless to mention that budget is the primary factor that everyone should take into account. Going with an expensive virtual meeting monitor will make you get the best quality and features but are they going to provide any value to what you spent? Probably not for everyone. 

So, you have to understand the need and look after what you are willing to buy. If you want to buy a high-tech virtual meeting monitor for the office then it is an excellent choice. But for only video conferencing purpose or to attend online classes, a mid-range option is also optimal. You can use a laptop, smartphone or pc to connect with the external display. 

#7 Reviews 

Going through reviews will help you learn about the good and bad things about a product you are buying. The same goes for a monitor for online classes. Make sure that you check out reviews regarding the monitor you like. You can easily sort out the top choices by comparing the products and checking their reviews online. 

One side aspect to consider is the warranty of the product. Always buy a monitor with a warranty and consider reputed manufacturers to ensure that you are getting a good deal. Choosing a less-known brand and a monitor with no warranty is risky and less preferable. 


Among all these factors, you are looking at the features of a product but have you considered the after-sale services and customer support network of the manufacturer? A brand that offers the best quality in displays, provide warranty and have genuine after-sale services will suit your need effectively and it will provide you with the best use as compared to the other options.

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